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Hear AND See

Posted by Dave Buerstetta on OP4er @ 4:49 PM

By now I hope you've discovered and enjoyed that the audio from each week's sermon is posted on our homepage. Since yesterday's sermon included a couple of visual aid slides, I thought I would try to post those here. Thanks to Kevin, Reid, and Becky for making the audio magic happen each week. Special thanks to pastor and illustrator Steve Thomason for sharing his amazing art with the world. 

First, the book of Acts of the Apostles offered in the visual metaphor of a tree.



Next, two maps of the areas mentioned in the text for the week. An overview of the Roman Empire, allowing us to see Saul's hometown of Tarsus. Then a closer look at the sections of Israel: Judea, Samaria, Galilee, and the road to Damascus.






Finally, my favorite: Thomason's visual of the story of Acts chapters 8-9, that is also set up (loosely) as a map. So many intriguing stories here!

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