Prayer Chain and CareNotes


Prayer Chain and Prayer Request Cards

Our prayer chain is a group of caring, faith believing persons who believe in the power of prayer. We are dedicated to praying for your concerns and to rejoicing in your answered prayer. Prayer requests will be shared privately and in confidence as per your request with other members of the church’s prayer chain, honoring your confidentiality. If you are interested in being a part of the church’s prayer chain ministry, please contact our coordinator, Sharon Place at (630) 852-4172 or via email.

If you are seeking prayer and in the church building, we invite you to fill out a prayer request card from the pew or from an usher. Either return it to the usher moving through the sanctuary during the first hymn; or place it in the brass prayer request box located near the wall with the name tags in the narthex.

If you are not in the church building, please contact the following prayer chain leaders coordinator, Sharon Place at (630) 852-4172 or via email, or one of the Pastors through the Church Office at (630) 968-6050 or via email.





CareNotes are available for you and for giving to others. These booklets are located on the display at the back of the church narthex. Take note of arrival of new TEEN concerns. Others cover aging, handling grief, dealing with a serious illness, cancer and the family, and other subjects of caring for self and another!