Ways to Give


Electronic Funds Transfer and E-Giving

What are they?

They are both forms of electronic payment from one account directly to another without the use of paper money or checks.

What are the benefits?

You benefit by saving money on checks and by controlling the amount and timing of your contributions.  

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT):  You decide on the amount and select from 1st and/or 21st of the month for your contribution with the assurance that it will continue during vacations.  

E-Giving: You control all giving decisions. You decide the amounts and timing of your contribution. You may also setup regularly scheduled transactions.  WUMC benefits by improved controls for deposits and the ability to improve the management of our budget. We all benefit by using these alternatives!    



How do I sign up?

For EFT, simply print this form, complete it, and return to the church office. You can also obtain the EFT authorization form from the office. 

For E-Giving, click here or access the "E-Giving" logo on anywhere on our website. Set up a user name and password, and follow the instructions. Please direct any questions to Walt Read.  



Giving Through Living Memorial                                                               

Memorial Gifts are an important tradition for many people. Making gifts for the benefit of others and your church are a wonderful way to affirm your values and priorities. Honoring a loved one through a memorial gift is an especially meaningful act of paying tribute to someone special, while assuring that worthwhile values continue to influence the world around us.        

Gifts for Every “Occasion”  

Gifts made in honor of family and friends at times such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day; at the birth of a child or grandchild; or on a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or other notable occasion can be gifts of love that show how much you care.          

Leave a Legacy

Many discover that their long-range estate and financial plans provide a thoughtful way to make memorial gifts in honor of others. Speak with a pastor or a member of the memorial committee if you are considering a gift to the church.

If you have any questions, please contact Walt Read, Financial Secretary, at finsec@woodridgeumc.org or call the church office at 630-968-6050.