Our Building Renovation


Forward in Faith/Renovation Update - July 15, 2015

Our Forward in Faith (F.I.F.) campaign has ended!!!  Our total pledges received as of June 30, 2015 is $695,898.  Our Renovation and Implementation Committee (R.I.C.) presented plans on Sunday, July 12th 2015 for the projects to be completed as a part of F.I.F..  The first part of the project (completed about 2 years ago) included HVAC, roof and fire safety work.  The current portion of the project will be more cosmetic in nature that will include office reconfiguration, new flooring, light fixtures and painting.  All should be completed by October 1st, 2015.



Forward in Faith - September 30th, 2014

Total Forward in Faith campaign collections through August 31st, 2014 are $528,017. This represents 71% of our goal amount of $741,000!

If you would like to make a contribution to our Building Fund, please click here or go to our "Ways To Give" page. Thank you for your generosity!


Historical Autographed Letter Auctioned Off for Forward in Faith!

An authentic Samuel Clemens (“Mark Twain”)  autographed letter, donated by the Baileys, sold at auction for $1,450! The funds raised, in the amount of $1086, will go to the Forward in Faith capital campaign at Woodridge United Methodist Church. Many thanks to Marvin and Gen Bailey for their generous and wonderfully creative gift!

To learn more about creative ways to give to Woodridge UMC’s Forward in Faith campaign, please contact Karen Miller.


What is Forward in Faith?

Beginning in 2009 WUMC began talking about the need for some serious upgrades to our much used and much loved Building. The lack of a Fire suppression system, a leaky roof and ineffective Heating and Cooling units in many of the classrooms are just a few of the many issues that were on the list of needed repairs and upgrades. WUMC held town meetings and hired a consultant to begin the process of addressing the issues of our wants and needs.

After thorough and prayerful discussions and discernment the Administrative Council decided to Authorize a Capital Stewardship Campaign named FORWARD IN FAITH in 2011. Karen Miller was appointed as the General Chairperson of this 14-week Campaign. The Goal of the Campaign was to raise $741,000 over a 3-year period through the pledges of WUMC members over and above their current giving to the General Fund.


What was the result of Forward in Faith?

On June 5, 2011 Chairperson Karen Miller announced that 82 families had stepped up to the challenge and pledged $616,140. This incredible amount of money was pledged during one of the toughest economies that most of us have experienced. Following celebration and questions of what our next step would be the Administrative Council decided to extend the campaign to 4 years and ask those who were able  so to add a 4th year to their commitment. That request added another $75,000 to the monies pledged. This along with some new pledges brought our total FORWARD IN FAITH campaign to $695,898. This amount represents 94% of our initial Goal of $741,000.


Can I still join Forward in Faith?

Yes! We would love to include any and all members in this historic campaign. Whether you are new to WUMC or were unable to make a pledge in the past we would welcome a new pledge at any time. Please contact Karen Miller if you would like more information regarding FORWARD IN FAITH at (630) 985-2631 or via email.